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Engage your audience and make sales by posting the right content for your service. Create authentic and compelling content with ease, so you no longer have to struggle with your Instagram.

What if...


You could easily write engaging content that sells your services in your Instagram captions without being salesy or feeling sleezy? 

You're no longer afraid of showing up on Stories? By using Stories strategically, you give people an incentive to get in touch with you so you no longer have to beg for sales?

Your pictures and captions convey the message you want without maximal effort so you can focus on your core business full time? 

What will we talk about?

I want to give you an opportunity to pick my social media brain.

By talking 1:1, you can ask me all the questions you have about social media and how to leverage it in a more effective way.

From working with many service providers, I know that social media is not your number 1 priority. It often feels like an obligation to you. You also feel that you put in so much effort into creating posts, but at the end of the day, they don't convert. So you wonder why you're even putting in all this energy when it's not making you any sales. 

Let's change that together. I want to audit your Instagram profile so that your posts drive engagement to your channel because we all know:

More views/traffic = A bigger chance of your ideal client seeing your business = more opportunities to make a sale.

I want in, now.

After this 1:1 session you will


Be able to effortlessly plan and create your content without it feeling like a burden.

Have a blueprint that you can stick to for at least a year so you don't have to invest in social media again & do it all yourself.

Have mega confidence in attracting the right clients to your brand and turning them into leads and paying clients. 

"I recently had a 1: 1 coaching session with Gillian. I have been following her on Instagram for a while and I think she shares a lot of knowledge there. Social media feels overwhelming for me sometimes and therefore don't use it. I needed someone who could help with a basic strategy and who motivates me to continue. I had a strong feeling that I could learn from her and my expectations were very high. I can say that she has fully lived up to my expectations. Gillian prepares well for the session. After a nice conversation I received a document with a summary of our conversation, extra information and a tangibl to-do list so I can take my first steps. I am looking forward to working with my social media again!"

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See you soon?

Book your session today if you no longer want to stare at your phone screen & actually utelize the power of social media.


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