1: How to use content marketing effectively & 3 types of readers you have to create content for

show notes Jun 12, 2019

Are you scared you're giving away too much information with your content marketing strategy? You're not the only one. Many solopreneurs are hesitant when it comes to sharing their secret sauce.

But why? 

Many solopreneurs think that by giving away free knowledge:

  • they will not get customers because the knowledge is already available for free, or
  • their competition is going to "steal" their ideas

I'm here to tell you in this podcast that those two bullet points are bullsh* because there are different types of readers. Ready to dive into these three types of readers? Scroll up and listen to the podcast. 

Biggest takeaways from this podcast:

  • What content marketing is
  • Why content marketing is important for your business
  • Why you shouldn't feel scared for sharing "free" knowledge
  • The 3 types of readers of your content
  • 2 of these 3 are potential clients
  • How to get potential clients from your content marketing

Thanks for listening!

Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode. It was my first ever podcast, so it's a really big deal for me!

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Loves, Gillian


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