3: How to write converting captions on Instagram. The secret formula to captions that trigger engagement.

show notes Jun 12, 2019

Do you use Instagram for business? Great, then this podcast is for you. In this episode, I'm covering how to write converting captions. Captions that trigger engagement from your audience.

When people use Instagram, they want to be entertained, informed or inspired. Kind of like reading a magazine or a newspaper, right? So try to write your captions in that form. Small hint: start with an attention grabbing headline. 

Want to know the formula and writing techniques I use to write my captions? Click on the play button at the top. 

Biggest takeaways from this podcast

  • How people generally use Instagram
  • What type of content a business profile should have
  • How to add value to Instagram using content marketing
  • The secret formula to writing converting captions
  • A discount code for my coaching service ;)

The tools I was talking about...

White space in Instagram captions

Headline inspiration

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