7: How to sell as a life coach, energy healer or essential oils distributor

podcast show notes Aug 12, 2019

Do you stutter, break out in a sweat or get heart palpitations every time you need to sell your coaching program or services? Yeah, no worries. We've all had those moments. But you can do somethings to make selling easier!

Selling is a state of mind. It's an alter ego. And more importantly, it doesn't need to be difficult. Once you know what script to stick to, what to say to money objections or how to bring value. 

Everything from your Instagram post to your weekly newsletter is sales. But in this episode, we're going all in on the discovery call phase. You know, the first time you meet a potential client. The moment they meet you and decide to buy (or not...).

After this episode, you'll always walk away from a discovery call with a newly signed client.

Biggest takeaways from this podcast

  • How to sell your program as a life coach, energy healer, essential oils distributor or wellness entrepreneur
  • Things to say when someone says "it's too expensive"
  • General sales tips...
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