8: How to serve your clients on social media

show notes Aug 19, 2019

Adding value to clients on social media is the surefire way to serve online. But, what does that even mean?! What does it mean to add value to your clients' lives. 

In today's episode, I cover 5 ways you can serve on social media. If you have a coaching business or if you are an energetic healer or essential oils distributor - these tips will be 100% applicable to you! 

Biggest takeaways from this podcast

  • Ask you clients questions. You might think you know what they need, but I guarantee you, you don't
  • Want more clients? Stop posting inspiring quotes!
  • Community is KEY
  • Describe your transformation. What were things like for you?


Thanks for listening!

Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode! 

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7: How to sell as a life coach, energy healer or essential oils distributor

podcast show notes Aug 12, 2019

Do you stutter, break out in a sweat or get heart palpitations every time you need to sell your coaching program or services? Yeah, no worries. We've all had those moments. But you can do somethings to make selling easier!

Selling is a state of mind. It's an alter ego. And more importantly, it doesn't need to be difficult. Once you know what script to stick to, what to say to money objections or how to bring value. 

Everything from your Instagram post to your weekly newsletter is sales. But in this episode, we're going all in on the discovery call phase. You know, the first time you meet a potential client. The moment they meet you and decide to buy (or not...).

After this episode, you'll always walk away from a discovery call with a newly signed client.

Biggest takeaways from this podcast

  • How to sell your program as a life coach, energy healer, essential oils distributor or wellness entrepreneur
  • Things to say when someone says "it's too expensive"
  • General sales tips...
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3: How to write converting captions on Instagram. The secret formula to captions that trigger engagement.

show notes Jun 12, 2019

Do you use Instagram for business? Great, then this podcast is for you. In this episode, I'm covering how to write converting captions. Captions that trigger engagement from your audience.

When people use Instagram, they want to be entertained, informed or inspired. Kind of like reading a magazine or a newspaper, right? So try to write your captions in that form. Small hint: start with an attention grabbing headline. 

Want to know the formula and writing techniques I use to write my captions? Click on the play button at the top. 

Biggest takeaways from this podcast

  • How people generally use Instagram
  • What type of content a business profile should have
  • How to add value to Instagram using content marketing
  • The secret formula to writing converting captions
  • A discount code for my coaching service ;)

The tools I was talking about...

White space in Instagram captions

Headline inspiration

Thanks for listening!

Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode! 

If you...

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2: How to use DMs to hack the Instagram algorithm. DM-ing your followers on Instagram & relationship selling

show notes Jun 12, 2019

You've probably had them before: DMs from people who pitch their e-book in the first sentence.

Stop it! It doesn't work.

If you want to sell on Instagram, you better not push your services in everyone's face. There are better ways to build your brand and get people interested in your product.

Many online entrepreneurs put the focus on creating a product and then selling it. However, you should actually be working backwards. For succes, create an engaging tribe first. Put effort into creating a loyal following. Once you have that relationship with your tribe, you can do your market research and create a product as an answer to what your audience wants (and needs).

DMing people is a great way to get to know your audience in a non sleezy and salesy way. 

Feel awkward messaging your ideal customer? In this podcast I'm giving you 5 reasons to connect with your audience and what to say. 

Biggest takeaways from this podcast:

  • How the Instagram algorithm has...
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1: How to use content marketing effectively & 3 types of readers you have to create content for

show notes Jun 12, 2019

Are you scared you're giving away too much information with your content marketing strategy? You're not the only one. Many solopreneurs are hesitant when it comes to sharing their secret sauce.

But why? 

Many solopreneurs think that by giving away free knowledge:

  • they will not get customers because the knowledge is already available for free, or
  • their competition is going to "steal" their ideas

I'm here to tell you in this podcast that those two bullet points are bullsh* because there are different types of readers. Ready to dive into these three types of readers? Scroll up and listen to the podcast. 

Biggest takeaways from this podcast:

  • What content marketing is
  • Why content marketing is important for your business
  • Why you shouldn't feel scared for sharing "free" knowledge
  • The 3 types of readers of your content
  • 2 of these 3 are potential clients
  • How to get potential clients from your content marketing

Thanks for listening!

Thank you so much for tuning in to this...

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