SOLOPRENEURS: Sell your services authentically and with ease on Instagram

Engage your audience and make sales by posting the right content for your service. Create authentic and compelling content with ease, so you no longer have to struggle with your Instagram. 

What will we talk about?

I want to give you an opportunity to pick my social media brain. By talking 1:1, you can ask me all the questions you have about social media and how to leverage it in a more effective way. 

From working with many service providers, I know that social media is not your number 1 priority. It often feels like an obligation to you. You also feel that you put in so much effort into creating posts, but at the end of the day, they don't convert. So you wonder why you're even putting in all this energy when it's not making you any sales. 

Let's change that together. I want to audit your Instagram profile so that your posts drive engagement to your channel because we all know:

More views/traffic = A bigger chance of your ideal client seeing your business = more opportunities to make a sale.

Together we will look at

  • Your bio. What should you mention (and what not?). How can you phrase your bio so that people will actually be able to search your profile on Instagram? Is it possible to see in .1 seconds what your business is about?
  • Your photos. What types of photos fit your brand/business? We're not going to reinvent the wheel. We are going to analyze your niche and find out what is working for others, so that you can lift off of their success and make life easy for you. We will also dive into an easy editing process so that your photos look appealing. 
  • Your captions. Why are your captions not converting? People should be reacting to your posts by either liking it or commenting on it. 
  • Your Instagram Stories. How can you use them strategically so that you have an incentive to talk to your audience. We're going to figure out a way for people to message you. Once you can converse with them, it's time to make that sale!
  • Your hashtags. Are you using the correct hashtags so that your target audience is able to find you? Also, are you searching hashtags where your target audience hangs out? Those two are not the same thing. 
  • A sales script that you can use. 
  • Who you should be targeting on social media.
  • Other online tools and platforms you should be using to optimize your marketing.
  • A way for you to integrate social media into your daily life so that it doesn't feel like you are putting in hours of effort without result. Instagram should feel natural to you. How can we fit online marketing into your busy schedule so that it doesn't take up a big chunk of your week?